Plus: Supreme’s Spring 2022 collection features photos of Malcom X and the March on Washington
“It will take 10 to 12 years to open a museum building, but the gallery gives the public a preview of the museum’s potential"
All profits from the collection go to a Black culture research library
According to Short’s campaign Facebook page, the logo was changed in February
Plus: Who bought the record-breaking Marilyn Monroe portrait by Andy Warhol?
Larry Gagosian, reportedly
"If the end of Roe has come as a shock to anyone, that means they haven’t been paying attention"
He doesn’t believe the ad portrays him in a misleading light because he grew up hunting
Plus: Melania Trump’s new NFT raises money for kids in foster care
“He looked great in the house while I had him"
Trump also co-authored an op-ed calling on Congress to improve the child welfare programs set to expire this year.
Designs show a guardian lion peering out over the Earth, a glove that shoots lightning bolts, and a tiger with a sword. Incredible stuff.