Here's a look at Black Lives Matter murals across the U.S.

Since Washington, D.C. painted “Black Lives Matter” across 16th St. on June 5, cities around the country followed with their own murals. It’s a public art movement unrivaled in recent street art history. Here’s a look at murals from around the U.S.:

Akron, Ohio

Asheville, North Carolina

Atlanta, Georgia

Austin, Texas

Reflections of the new “Black Austin Matters” mural painted between 6th and 9th streets on Congress Avenue by artists and volunteers from the @austinjusticecoalition and @capitolviewarts
June 17, 2020

Baltimore, Maryland

Birmingham, Alabama

Bridgeport, Connecticut

Brooklyn, New York

Charlotte, North Carolina

#blacklivesmatter | An amazing group of artists came together to paint a block-wide mural in the center of uptown Charlotte. Each artist was assigned a letter over the weekend and quickly sketched up their own piece of the puzzle. They put a lot of work into their art today, so swipe to see each artist and go follow and support them. | If you’d like to reshare, please credit me 📸@maleekloyd ✌🏽

@cltiscreative @cltgov @blkmrktclt @brand_the_moth @cltstories @cltshooters @charlottemag @charlottesgotalot @charlotteagenda
June 10, 2020

Cincinnati, Ohio

June 19, 2020

Cleveland, Ohio

Denver, Colorado

Eugene, Oregon

Flint, Michigan

Downtown Flint, Michigan #BlackLivesMattter [via ‪@E_Woodyard‬]
June 16, 2020

Florissant, Missouri

*this mural was painted over by the city’s street department, Florissant Police Department officer Steve Michael told BuzzFeed News, because “it is illegal to paint the roadway” and it “has absolutely nothing to do with the message.”

Fresno, California

Hollywood, California

June 14, 2020

Jackson, Michigan

Kalamazoo, Michigan

Madison, Wisconsin

Martinez, California

This mural in front of the Contra Costa District Attorney's office was vandalized by a couple who were later charged with a hate crime.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Witnessing the events unfold in the Twin cities over the past two weeks has been eye opening. From tragedy to the beautiful coming together of our communities. The fight for equality is never over, we will continue to bring our community closer. I’m so proud of all of my friends and family that stepped up to the plate and showed up. It’s beautiful to see the outpour of support in our twin cities.
June 4, 2020

Mobile, Alabama

New York, New York

This mural was painted on Fifth Ave. just outside Trump Tower.

Oakland, California

Aaayyyyyyyyy!!!!! You cant spell community without UNITY. Thank you to everyone that helped make this a reality. Please tap on the link in the bio. Let's take care of the artists that were out here late last night putting in the work! When we move as one, everything is possible.
June 8, 2020

Oark Park, Illinois

This mural was vandalized to say “All Lives Matter.”

Park City, Utah

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Raleigh, North Carolina

June 7, 2020

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Sacramento, California

St. Louis, Missouri

St. Petersburg, Florida

San Diego, California

San Francisco, California

San Jose, California

Seattle, Washington

Spartanburg, South Carolina

Staten Island, New York

Stockton, California

Tucson, Arizona

Tulsa, Oklahoma

June 20, 2020

Update: This post has been updated with additional murals.