The 31 best Andrew Cuomo slides

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s daily coronavirus briefings have become appointment viewing in New York state and beyond, and the slides that accompany his remarks are the stars of the show.

Cuomo’s slides have personality and voice, as opposed to the neutral, bureaucratic tone you might expect from official government communication. They can be blunt and to-the-point, or optimistic and aspirational, and screenshots of the slides have become a genre unto themselves on social media. Cuomo’s office did not respond to an email asking about the designer(s) behind the slides.

Here are 31 of the best slides:

1. The slide where Cuomo told it like it is

2. The slide where he acknowledged that this feels terribly long

3. The slide where he put time into perspective

4. The slide about testing

5. The slide about unity

6. The slide where Cuomo was all of us

7. The slide that didn’t have answers about reopening

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8. The slide that still didn’t have answers about reopening but set the bar higher

9. The slide where he told young people who were not fully complying that they were wrong

10. …and then said he was going to the parks today

11. The slide where he set expectations on government competance

12. The slide about not passing the buck unless you pass some bucks

13. The slide when it was Friday

14. The slide when it was Saturday

15. The slide with wisdom that not only applies to dealing with a pandemic, but to all of life

16. The slide where he dismissed political conspiracies

17. The slide where he told people to blame him

Cuomo has said people unhappy about lockdown orders can blame him.

18. The slide where he said no to red & blue, and yes to red, white, & blue

19. The slide where he couldn’t do this anymore

It was a quote attributed to an “anonymous Cuomo daughter.”

20. The slide reimagining New York

21. The slide that reminded us there is no “I” in “team”

22. The slide where he defined cabin fever

23. The slide where he dropped some virus facts

24. The slide where he quoted President Trump saying he had “total authority”

25. …followed by the slide where he fact checked Trump

26. The slide about lighting landmarks blue to honor health workers

27. The slide with a beautiful message and landscape

28. The slide about leaving the back door wide open

29. The slide about chains

30. The slide about this being a marathon and not a sprint

31. And the slide calling on us to stay the course, because it’s working